About Us

Rhyme & Reason

Rhyme and Reason Early Learning was developed by Alexandra May (M.Ed), an Early Childhood Educator who has worked in the fields of Child Care and Education for the past ten years. Pulling together evidence-based research, best practices, and her favourite elements and philosophies from the programs she has previously worked with, Rhyme and Reason is the culmination of engaging, interactive, and inclusive early learning for every family.

Our Mission

Rhyme and Reason Early Learning is predicated on a very simple philosophy: to increase the good in the world and decrease the bad. This extends to every aspect of our operations, from our client experiences, service delivery, and employee satisfaction, to community-building initiatives and beyond into international collaboration. We believe that early intervention and education are the the most important and effective keys to improving the live of families and the futures of our children. Our passionate, educated, and talented staff are dedicated to providing high-quality, high-return, and most importantly, high-fun programming to our families.

Our Values

  • Holistic and Inclusive Educational Practices
  • Innovation and Creativity in Programs and Services
  • Integrity and Passion in Fostering Connections
  • Leadership in Community Building

Our People

Alexandra May

Alexandra May (M.Ed, B.A) is the Director and Founder of Rhyme and Reason Early Learning. As a children's programmer she has worked for years in the fields of Childcare and Education in organizations around the city such as Gymboree Play and Learn, The YMCA, The City of Calgary, the Calgary Public Library, and as a friend of the National Parent-Child Mother Goose Program of Canada. She received her degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Calgary and studied at Lancaster University in the UK. She received her Masters of Education in Educational Psychology and Multiliteracies Pedagogy, with a focus on ADHD in the Early Years. She is an active volunteer with the First 2000 Days Network, ECMMA, her local ECMAP Coalition, and in various Community Arts programs in Calgary. Alex is happiest working with children, who make much more sense to her than grown-ups.

Valerie Viccars

Valerie Viccars is a Children's Librarian and certified Parent-Child Mother Goose Teacher. She obtained her Masters in Library and Information Studies in 2005, and has been delivering children's programming for over a decade. Prior to branching out on her own, Valerie was the Manager of Early Literacy and Children's Services at the Calgary Public Library. She began the 'At Home with Mother Goose' program as a way to provide more flexibility in early literacy programming for busy parents and caregivers in Calgary. Along with early literacy programming, Valerie is also a Children’s Literature instructor with Chinook Learning Services. When not teaching, Valerie is running after her adorable son Kenny, who NEVER stops moving!

Brenda Young

Brenda Young is a certified Parent -Child Mother Goose facilitator and has been working in the field of Early Literacy for almost twenty years. She has her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of Ottawa, as well as her Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. Brenda’s passion is working with young families striving towards family wellness and lifelong learning. She has been involved in Children’s Programming with the Calgary Public Library, Ready4Learning, The Further Education Society of Alberta and with her own children, who are now in their late teens.

Alyse Pearce

Alyse Pearce (B. Soc. Sci) is a certified 'Rhymes That Bind' Facilitator and busy mother to an even busier toddler. She graduated from the University of Ottawa with a bachelors in International Studies and Modern Languages in 2007, after which she then embarked on a teaching career abroad. Since returning to Canada she has shifted her professional focus to working with new Canadian parents. She has worked with organizations such as Immigrant Services Calgary, Vivo, and the Further Education Society of Alberta. Her passion is creating supportive spaces for parents and children to learn and grow together.

Our Space

Our specialized programs center is designed to meet your every need while you are visiting us. Our storefront has the books, toys, and touchables you need to keep feeding your child's mind while at home or on the go! Our activity space is well-equipped with everything we need for fun, fulfilling, and safe activities whether it's classroom time or free play time! We offer stroller parking, a nursing space and changing facilities to make everything as convenient as possible for you!

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