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Food for Thought

We recently watched this excellent video from Vsauce about kissing and Human Attachment Relationships and, not surprisingly, a couple of very interesting facts about parenting and child development came up! Give the video a watch, then follow these links for more information about some of those hot topics!

Kiss-Feeding/Mouth-Feeding, also known as Premastication

A Newborn’s Vision and Shared Gaze


Attachment and Rejection Parenting / The Cupboard Theory

And don’t forget! If you ever have any questions about developmental science or parenting information, we are happy to help answer them! Just drop us a line in the comments or send us a private message!

Best Picks for Active [Indoor] Play

With the fall months quickly approaching, we thought it would be good to highlight some of our best picks for Active Play — activities that you can do with your little one INSIDE your home! We often become more sedentary in the colder months; it’s not as easy to put the kids in the backyard to run around when you have to bundle them up first. And yet active play is so important to our children’s development, we HAVE to make the time to fit it in!Active Play

Active Play

But first, some info about “Active Play”!

What is it? Active Play is any sort of physical movement that gets our children (and yes, babies too!) “huffing and puffing”!

What does it do? Activities like these increase our kids’ heart rates and burn off bursts of energy (which in the long run, increase their overall energy and output, and physical health and well-being)!

How much? Most physicians recommend a mix of adult-organized and free/imaginative play activities, split between 2-3 hours a day for toddlers and preschoolers. Children should also not be inactive for more than an hour at a time!

It’s important to remember that Active Play does not necessarily require large spaces or huge chunks of time. Doing jumping jacks or running on the spot can be done just about anywhere, and a bunch of short bursts throughout the day are just as effective (sometimes even more so) than one extended activity.

  • NUMBER JUMP: Use painter’s tape (which is easily removed from most surfaces and leaves no residue) to outline numbers or shapes on your floor. Sing a song like “The Ants Go Marching” or “Alice the Camel” and have your child run to the appropriate number and jump on it (or march, or tap, etc) for the length of the song. Be prepared to do this one a few times! BONUS: It increases numeral and shape recognition as well!
  • FREEZE DANCE: Put on some of your child’s favourite tunes and dance like maniacs — but only as long as the music is playing! Periodically pause the song and have your child freeze in their last position. BONUS: The anticipation of the next freeze and the ability to hold it are a great way to strengthen emotional maturity: It’s hard to wait for the fun things we want, but we have to learn to control ourselves!
  • ANIMAL ALPHABET: Choose an animal for each letter and move like they do! Snap like an Alligator, Wiggle like a Baboon… extra points if the action and the animal start with the same letter: Crunch like a Caterpillar, Dig like a Dingo, etc. Keep active for the whole alphabet!
  • SCREEN SAVER: We know how hard it can be to limit screen time… but one of the main reasons why we try to stay away from it is because it keeps our kids stationary for too long. The solution? Re-enact what’s happening on the tube! Flip around with the little mermaid… stomp with the dinosaurs… race like Lightening McQueen. Even if it’s just for a few minutes here and there throughout the show.
  • TUMMY TIME: Our babies need their exercise too! Tummy Time can be tricky, but if you’re finding it to be a rough time, try different kinds of tummy time; try lying down on your tummy across from baby, face to face, so you can see each other and share the time, or try putting your baby on YOUR tummy, so they can see your face and feel the rhythms of your breathing. Babies also love baby faces — put them on a mirror so they can see their own!