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Top 10 Movies with Strong Family Themes

Our resident Movie Maniac, Moe, sent us this awesome list of her Top 10 movies with strong family themes!

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Most of these are likely known to you (Disney and Pixar being what they are), but “The Borrowers” is an older title that may have escaped your notice, as is “The Iron Giant”. Certainly all are worth your two hours and are suitable for the whole family; including grandparents, little ones, and teens. Lots of love, family values, and teachable moments without being heavy-handed… and with many laughs along the way!



Finding Nemo: A father embarks on a journey to find his lost son, and both make a much bigger circle of family and friends in the process.

lego movie

The Lego Movie: A surprise twist at the end features a parenting moment that might bring you to tears — it did me.





despicable 1


Despicable Me: A trio of orphans find a home and love with an unlikely father figure. The sequel, Despicable Me 2 touches further on adoption and step-parenting.despicable 2








Up-Official-Movie-PosterUp: Love and adventure comes to an elderly man and a fatherless boy in this feel-good movie. Props for featuring Carl and Ellie’s child-free family, and honouring a safe, healthy relationship between an adult and child!the-incredibles-5222b098375bf

The Incredibles: A family [of superheroes] that seems on the brink of falling apart, learns how to work together to save the day.




Frozen-movie-posterFrozen: Two sisters show what it means to put someone else ahead of yourself — and that true love isn’t just about romance, it can be all around us

braveBrave: Two strong-willed women, mother and daughter, clash at all turns trying to navigate their relationship. Themes of Self-sacrifice, coming-of-age, and peace-making.




borrowersThe Borrowers: A family of tiny, resourceful people must pull together to save themselves and the world as they know it.

The-Iron-Giant-movie-posterThe Iron Giant: Navigating a new family dynamic, a young boy learns about friendship, trust and standing up for what you believe is right.







The Jungle Book: Talk about a non-traditional family! A classic take on the proverb “it takes a village to raise a child”. Like The Lion King, I appreciate how well the protagonist turns out after essentially The-Lion-King-3D-Movie-Posterbeing raised by two men!